Stress is rather innocent when it starts out. It can even make you more productive. For others, however, it has more negative consequences. Many people think that stress will go away after a while. Unfortunately this is not the case. What is best to do, is to deal with the tress. To explain why it is so important to take care of stress, we list some consequences of stress below.

What are the physical consequences of stress?

Stress has, despite its being a psychological phenomenon, many physical consequences. Examples include heart palpitations, aching muscles, tension headaches,.... This is caused by the hormone cortisol which is secreted during stress. Previous consequences are linked to the physical response to this hormone. In case of long-term stress, these symptoms will therefore appear. Furthermore, it will influence other functions. These include memory, focus, and sleep. Stress makes it so that we have memory issues, problems focusing, and that we have a hard time falling asleep/staying asleep. These, in turn, have negative effects on our body.

What are the psychological consequences of stress?

Stress in itself is a psychological phenomenon. But, long-term stress can still lead to worse psychological symptoms, such as burnout or depression. If stress is long-term, you will become physically and psychologically exhausted. You continuously worry, do not sleep enough, which causes even more stress. This can become too much after a while, and this is one way in which stress cane cause a burnout. Something else that often is found in stress, is the existence of somber moods and crying spells. WIth increased stress, these spells can worsen, and after a while, depression could be developed.

How does '' help with stress?

From previous paragraphs it has become clear that it is important to treat stress. can help you with this! It is an online self-help program which is specialized in treating stress, burnout, depression and anxiety. It can be your help in dealing with stress. Based on daily solution focused questions and videos, you can find out how to reduce stress.

How do I measure my stress?

On the website of you will find a free stress test! This test indicates to what extent you experienced stress in the past week.