Fatigue: How do I sense that someone is fatigue?

Fatigue? After years working under pressure, without breaks or vacation, your mind and body slowly gets exhausted tired.Burn-out, also written as burnout, is the English term for extreme fatigue. But how do you know that you have it? Off course it's important to discuss other medical causes with your doctor, but in most cases it's most likely that you suffer from burn-out when you feel exhausted, tired and burnt-out for a long period. Your sense of initiative, your concentration and even your memory declines. Even your memory declines. You don't enjoy the simple things of life like a sunset or a beautiful flower. If you recognize a few of these signs, is is possible that you are tired or exhausted. You are getting in a stage of fatigue.

Fatigue due to burn-out: a burnt-out feeling

A shortage of a few chemical substances in the brain (neurotransmittors) ensure that you lose your zest of life, that you get exhausted and that you're no longer rested and sometimes even that you have poor sleep. The exhaustion accumulates. You feel like you are losing your grip and you feel tired and empty all the time. An excess of adrenaline or the stress hormone ensures that your body and mind are working too hard and LItterally and figuratively get exhausted. You're burnt-out and don't understand why. You feel tired, you get irritated and you are having a hard time. You'll have complaints about... Eventually, your unpleasant behaviour towards others will become aggressive. Your fatigue inclines.

Fatigue because you ignore yourself

How do you become fatigue? Well, sometimes you ignore yourself too much, which causes that you don't draw boundaries towards others anymore and don't stress what you can handle and what not. And eventually you will handle too much and your system will overload and keep working until you collapse. You're mentally burnt-out and in need of a vacation, while your mind tells you that you should keep working. Because you have less energy, you'll have a mental burn-out and you will need a vacation. But your mind will tell you that you should work until you're finished.

Burn-outtest: fatique? Tired? Test yourself now.

Fatigue due to burn-out or burnout is testable by taking the easy online test here. This test shows you your average stress level, which is the cause of your burn-out or exhaustion, and also to certain aspects: tention, anxiety or even depressed feelings. This test can help you discover the problem or the progress after you followed the online self-helpprogram for example. Try the test.

Dr. Paul Koeck