1. Saying 'it will pass' does not help.

Depression goes much deeper than just having a bad time. It therefore does not help to say that it will pass or that it is just a phase. Depression, in most of the cases, does not just pass. It is therefore useful to actively treat the depression symptoms. If you want to help a partner with depression, it is thus useful to support them in finding a way for them to treat his/her depression actively.

2. Depression is not a choice

It is not so that someone chooses to be depressed, or that only weaker people suffer from a depression. Nobody gets up and things 'today I am going to be depressed'. Here, too, it is useful to actively look for a treatment for the depression symptoms.

3. It is okay to get frustrated.

It is not so that people with depression cannot deal with anything. This often seems like this, but by bottling up your own feelings inside, you cannot help your partner with depression. Being open and sharing your feelings, in order to reach a solution together, can help in this case..

4. Despite your effort, your partner might isolate themselves.

You can do everything in your might to be there for your partner. Still, chances are that they will try to push you away. It often happens that people with depression distance themselves from the people who they love the most. A tip when it comes to dealing with this is that it is not your fault, and that you should try to be there when your partner does come to you.

5. Your partner can easily become distressed.

Just like the mood of someone with depression, the way they feel can easily change. People with depression often have poor self-esteem. That is why they are more sensitive than other people. For example, they can suddenly get very angry or become very distressed. A tip when it comes to dealing with this is to try to keep communicating. This way, you and your partner can understand each other in a better way and avoid eventual misunderstandings.

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