We are all fatigued sometimes, but in some cases it can really affect us a lot. It takes a long time and we just cannot relax, and we notice that it affects  your work, relationship,... more and more. This article considers possible causes of fatigue and what you can do about it.

Fatigued: causes

The main cause of fatigue is often that you sleep poorly. You cannot fall asleep or you wake up a lot during the night. But this sleeping issue in itself often also has a cause. Stress, depression, or anxiety can often lie at the cause of fatigue. Think about the worry in your head which is constantly present in stress. You might worry a lot when you are depressed, too. Even anxiety can make it so that your sleep is disrupted. It can cause you to wake up a lot, or anxiety can cause you not to be able to fall asleep. In extreme cases it can also happen that you hyperventilate during the night, because you are constantly anxious. After such an attack, it is difficult to fall asleep again. After you have been sleeping poorly for a while, you might experience more stress, depression, or anxiety out of fear or anxiety that you will not be able to sleep. You want to sleep well, because otherwise you will feel even worse. In theat perspective, fatigue is therefore a vicious cycle. You cannot get out of it, because one causes the other. After a while you will even notice that your fatigue starts to influence your relationship, work, or hobbies, too. You sleep poorly, and then a critical remark or mean jab at your partner is easily made. You will also notice that your memory gets worse, or that you find it more difficult to focus. This can affect your work in a negative way.

Fatigue: treatment

The quickest way to treat fatigue is by treating the underlying cause. As mentioned in this article, stress, depression, or anxiety is this cause in many cases. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps you in dealing with your stress, depression, or anxiety. After a while you will also notice that your fatigue starts to reduce after you start treating your stress, depression, or anxiety.

Fatigue: take the stress test!

To discover to what extent stress, depression, or anxiety might influence your fatigue, you can take the free online stress test. After filling out this test, your receive your personal scores immediately.