Do you often think about your job? Do you never relax? Do you think that you never have even a second of time for yourself? Then it might be so that you experience stress. Stress is often something which slowly becomes more and more present. You often do not realize that you experience stress, and suddenly you then have issues sleeping and you cannot focus. In some cases it can then be so that you become depressed because of your stress. Read more in this article about the symptoms of stress and how you can treat it. Finally, we finish with a stress test.

Stress test: symptoms of stress

You get a feeling of restlessness. Even when you have spare time, you feel like you cannot relax. You feel like there constantly are things which still need to be done. When you experience stress, it can sometimes be so that you get an anger attack, or that you become very emotional without any real reason. You are generally more irritable and know that you sometimes react too strongly, but you cannot hold back. It can be so that you interpret a well-meant reaction in a wrong way when you are under stress. Stress does not only influence your relationship to other people, but it can also have large consequences on your job. When you experience stress, you will also often notice that you have issues with focus and attention. In some cases, your memory might also fail you. You will notice that you no longer get work done as quickly as you used to, while this then can be exactly what causes your stress. If you experience stress, this can have an influence on your sleeping patterns. When you are stressed, it can be so that you find it more difficult to fall asleep, or that you wake up a lot during the night. Stress will namely cause your sleep to be more shallow, which causes the feeling that you have not slept enough. This in itself can cause even more stress, which could make you end up in a vicious cycle.

Stress test: treatment

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program, which guides you in the treatment of your stress, so that you once again find your happiness and that your memory issues reduce. The program guides you from home in learning new habits, which can make it so that you will lead a life with less stress.

Stress test: take the stress test!

If you want to know to what extent stress might have an influence on your life or your daily tasks, you can take the free stress test here! After filling out the test, you will receive your personal scores right away.