Stomach problems are a common issue with stress. Other physical problems, too, can be caused by stress. Stress of course is not always the cause of stomach problems, but it can have a large influence on these. If you experience stress, you will notice that you find it more difficult to focus and that your memory does not always work optimally anymore. In a later phase, you can also experience physical issues caused by stress, such as stomach problems.

Stomach problems? How do I find the cause?

If you want to know if stress eventually has led to stomach problems, you are best off going to your doctor in order to rule out physical causes. Stomach problems can namely also be a sign of an illness, like the flu. To be sure that these illnesses are not the cause, you can visit your doctor for advice. What can be a link between stress and physical illnesses is that stress weakens your immune system. This way you become more vulnerable to flu and other illnesses. Stress thus has a large influence. Therefore, it is useful to try to avoid stress as much as possible.

Stomach problems? When does stress become dangerous?

A healthy and small portion of stress will not lead to stomach problems. When do we have to be careful, then? You must make sure that your stress levels are not elevated or that this does not last long, if you notice that you often have issues. If you have the feeling you are no longer truly yourself, it is good to check this out. In such moments it is useful to take a look at your stress levels and to eventually get help to reduce your stress levels.

Stomach problems? How do I reduce my stress?

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which guides you in reducing your stress level. Together with you it looks for eventual factors in life which do not quite go as you want them to, and how you can use your capacities in order to find happiness even in these factors. Research has shown that the stress level of the average client reduces by 77% in just one month.

Stomach problems? Take the stress test!

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