It seems unavoidable that some people experience anxiety problems and symptoms as a result of the terror which has reigned the western world during the past month. Everywhere you go you will hear something about attacks. Many people therefore find it difficult to go to public places anymore. For some people this can even mean the start of an anxiety disorder. Can terror lead to anxiety symptoms? Are these anxiety symptoms as a result of terror different from general anxiety symptoms? Find out here!

Terror? Anxiety symptoms as a result of terror!

Anxiety symptoms as a result of terror are no different from the general symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety as a result of terror generally manifests when you are in open spaces with many people around you. This is very similar to agoraphobia. For these people, too, there is the thought that they cannot just flee if a certain event were to occur. In case of anxiety about terror, public places are the ones which mainly cause a lot of anxiety, because it is believed that these are places which might attract terrorists. Just like with other types of anxiety, a panic attack can follow from anxiety about terror. In this panic or anxiety attack, you can have feelings of derealization and depersonalization. This means that you feel like  you are no longer in contact with your own body and that you, as it were, are looking at what is happening to yourself as some sort of outsider.

Anxiety about terror? Possible solutions!

It can help to follow an online self-help program in order to deal with anxiety about terror. The online program by 15 Minutes 4 Me helps you think about questions regarding terror and anxiety. Furthermore, the program contains concrete questions and techniques so it can work with you on a daily basis to work on your anxiety. Do not let the anxiety about terror take over your life! Find help! Treat the symptoms early on!

Anxiety test!

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