Depression has become a lot more common in recent years. Many people are affected by it, either directly or through their environment. How can you know if you suffer from a depression?

Do you feel depressed?

If you want to know if you suffer from a depression, you can measure your levels of depression, stress and anxiety using a simple online self-test. This test, of course, does not replace a medical diagnosis, but will clearly show you whether something might be amiss.

Do you want to know if you suffer from depression?

Then it is good to, first of all, take the online self-test below to check your depression. After that, you can talk about the results with your doctor, or start using an online self-help program right away while you wait for your appointment with your doctor.

What can you do to treat your depression?

The online self-help program 15 Minutes 4 Me will help you to deal with those things which stress you or make you depressed in a different way. By going through 15 minutes of self-help every day, you can take matters into your own hands and start dealing with your issues differently. You can heal yourself from depression. During the self-help program you will also receive an automatic report which you can discuss with your own doctor. This way, he or she can follow your evolution and guide you in a better way and, in case necessary, discuss with you whether you might need medication or a different type of therapy on top of the online self-help. In most cases, the depression reduces after a few weeks of following the program, and the confidence of the participant in their ability to find better solutions increases. Some also need further medical support, but most participants report that they, through following the program on a daily basis, have improved a lot already. Take the depression test now!

Paul Koeck, MD