Have you been sleeping poorly for a while and did you not use to have any issues with sleeping? In that case, chances are that something is going on psychologically. This means that something has happened, which has disrupted your sleeping pattern. It can be so that this is stress, that you worry a lot, or that you experience depressed feelings. Poor sleep can have different causes. In this article we help you to figure out what the influence of some psychological syndromes on sleep is and what you can do about it.

I sleep poorly? The causes!

Do you notice that, when you lie down in bed, you often still think of different things? This could be tasks which you have to do in the morning, or a project which you have to finish at school or work, or even how you could have better dealt with certain situations during the day. In short, your brain can take odd paths when you want to sleep. We call this worrying. This means that you start to think about things without finding a solution, or without the thoughts having some real goal. Worrying does not always harm you, but in most cases the thoughts just keep going, and you start to worry at times where you would have preferred to be calm. For example, when you are lying in bed. Worrying can thus be the cause that you find it difficult to fall asleep or that you wake up a lot during the night. Stress, and sometimes depression as well, are closely linked to worrying behavior. Worrying is a symptom of both stress and depression. You might want to check for yourself which feelings you have been feeling lately, and if they can be linked to worrying, stress, or depression.

I sleep poorly? Deal with your sleeping pattern!

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I sleep poorly? Take the stress test!

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