Everyone feels anxious sometimes, often anxiety also is connected to stress. For example, you are afraid of a presentation or that you might have forgotten something. But for some of us, anxiety goes beyond a short feeling of being uncomfortable, irritated, and anxious. For other people it is often difficult to understand why you are so anxious about a certain situation or happening, but for you it is not avoidable. Each time you are confronted with anxiety, you try to repress it so that you will not feel like you did the last time again, but this often fails. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online program which can help you in stopping your anxiety and dealing with your attacks!

Anxiety? What exactly is anxiety?

If you want to know what anxiety is exactly, you can imagine how you would feel if a tiger would suddenly stand in front of you. The first second you stand completely still and think about what could be the best thing to do. You will notice that your body is also preparing itself to respond as quickly as possible. Your muscles tense up, your heart starts beating faster, your pupils dilate. This will make it so that, if you decide to run away, this will go faster than it normally would. If you are anxious or have an anxiety disorder, anxiety happens in the same way. You will notice that you experience the same physical symptoms which you would if a tiger were to stand in front of you. There also are psychological symptoms, symptoms of your mind. You will often have the feeling that you are not in control over what is happening to you and your body. It can also be so that you look at your situation as some sort of outsider. You no longer feel connected to your body. For someone with an anxiety disorder this can be a very scary feeling, which is why many people will also experience hyperventilation.

Anxiety? How do I treat my anxiety?

You can treat your anxiety by once again getting in control of your mind. This will make it so that your symptoms reduce, the situation seems less scary than you thought it was in the beginning, and that your anxiety disorder will thereby become less severe, as you are no longer scared and dare to do everything again. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps you in setting goals and reaching these, so that you are finally rid of your anxiety!

Anxiety? Take the anxiety test!

Would you like to know to what extent you experience anxiety and to what extent an anxiety disorder might be present? Then take the free online anxiety test and discover your anxiety level!