If you have worked under high pressure for months or even years, without resting in any way, your mind and body slowly become exhausted. If you put too much pressure on yourself without taking a break or vacation, chances are that you will become fatigued. This can eventually cause a burnout.

Fatigued? Definition and symptoms?

When is a diagnosis fatigue right? It is not easy to diagnose this in yourself. That is why asking advice from a doctor is useful. You can also check with your doctor if there might be other medical causes of your fatigued feeling. It, however, in most cases is so that you suffer from a burnout if you have felt fatigued and empty for a long period of time. Below, you will find some symptoms which go together with an exhausted feeling:

  1. You no longer want to take any initiative
  2. You experience concentration issues
  3. Your memory fails you more often
  4. Enjoying simple things becomes difficult

When you find that most or all symptoms above are present in you after reading the above symptoms of fatigue, chances are that you are fatigued.

Causes of a fatigued feeling?

Because of a shortage of certain chemical substances in your brain, also known as neurotransmitters, it can be so that you experience less life joy. This deficit also causes a fatigued feeling. You have the feeling like you can no longer become rested, which causes you to sleep poorly. It feels like you seem to lose a grip of yourself, and you no longer have any choices to make when it comes to your own body and mind. By an excess amount of the stress hormone, your body and mind will work too hard, so that you become fatigued in every sense of the word. After a while, you will notice that you no longer can give your all. Furthermore, you will start to suffer from several complaints such as back ache, sleeplessness, and pithlessness. Worrying, too, is a common occurrence when you are fatigued. After a while, it also is common that people with a fatigued feeling become very irritable or unpleasant when contacted, because they are so exhausted.

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