We all experience stress sometimes, but at times you can have the feeling that you have been stressed for a long time without knowing how to deal with this. Most people do not want to feel stressed, yet are unable to let go of the stress. If you experience this, it is important to treat the stress and avoid it getting worse. Stress namely manifests at random times and does not simply disappear. In many cases stress accumulates to become a more serious issues, such as burnout. Read more here about how to deal with stress and thereby how to practice burnout prevention.

Consequences of stress and burnout prevention: symptoms of stress

To help you form an idea of how to handle stress or how to prevent burnout, we will first describe pathological forms of stress. This refers to forms of stress which can end up becoming a burnout. In many cases stress does not just disappear but rather needs to be treated before going away, like many other illnesses. You will therefore notice that, if you do not handle stress, it adds up in many cases, which can lead to a burnout or depression but even have less extreme consequences, such as fatigue and issues focusing. If you have stress, you will notice that this stress has an influence on your sleeping pattern. You will often lie awake, or it might be so that you wake up a lot during the night. Because you have stress, your engine will stay active and you will find it difficult to stop thinking. These thoughts often regard things you need to do or how you can deal with certain issues in a better way. Because you get less sleep or sleep of lower quality, you will notice that you are fatigued. If you then have a free moment and are able to sleep, you will find that you cannot fall asleep in many cases, because the stress makes it so that you continue thinking about the things which you still have left to do.

Consequences of stress and burnout prevention: treatment of stress and burnout

As mentioned earlier on in this article, stress can have severe consequences and it is important to deal with stress before it adds up and becomes a more serious issues. 15Minutes4Me developed an online self-help program which helps you in dealing with stress, as well as in handling burnout. If you feel like the stress has been part of your life for a long time and you are worried that it might lead to a burnout, the program can also help you in order to treat your burnout. During the program you will learn what stress is, what influence stress can have on your body and life, and what you can do to once again gain control over your stress.

Consequences of stress and burnout: take the stress test!

If you want to handle stress or burnout, it is useful to know to what extent you suffer from stress. To know this, you can take our free stress test. This test will let you know your stress levels as soon as you are done with filling it out!