Depression in puberty. In puberty, time has come to discover who you are and what you want to do with the rest of your life. In short, you start to develop your identity and start to become more self-sufficient. The emphasis no longer lies with your family but rather with your friends, which you will start to notice in the choices which you make. For example, some groups of people wear the same type of clothing to feel like they are part of a group and thereby develop their identity. However, while you are become more self-sufficient, puberty can be a difficult period in life. There namely is a lot that comes toward you and not all experiences are positive. Depression in puberty also occurs a lot. Read more here about puberty and eventual depression during this puberty.

Depression in puberty? The symptoms

Depression in puberty is relatively similar to depression in adulthood. You notice that there is not a lot which can make you happy, you feel somber for extended periods of time, you cry a lot, you think about everything which you have done wrong or everything that has gone wrong, you no longer see a future, ... Depression in puberty thus occurs more often than many people would think. Too many teenagers also commit suicide these days, often as a result of a depression or a situation which has overwhelmed the teenager. Sometimes, depression can show itself differently in teenagers than it does in adults. For example, boys with depression will often start to showcase behavioral issues. They no longer behave properly and they easily insult people. Girls, on the other hand, will show more symptoms of depression as found in adults. They become quiet, can sit for hours without saying anything, feel somber, cry a lot. In girls, depression also often affects their body. There are many teenage girls who have issues with migraine caused by depression, for example.

Depression in puberty? The treatment

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