Asperger syndrome is not very well-known. It is a type of autism, of which the symptoms are different from the more commonly known type of autism. People with the Asperger's thus do have characteristics found in autism, but there are some small differences. Just one symptom of Asperger syndrome differs from autism, namely the IQ. In this article, we give more information about the symptoms of Asperger's, discuss possible treatment methods, and also speak of factors that can worsen the syndrome.

Asperger syndrome: symptoms

As mentioned in the introduction, Asperger syndrome is very similar to autism, except for one of its aspects. The IQ of someone with Asperger's is namely normal to high, unlike someone with autism. Autism is characterized by a low IQ. This symptom is rather important as it affects the other symptoms of Asperger syndrome. Just like in autism, people with this syndrome find communication difficult. They do not know what to say, find it difficult to make friends and do not know the unspoken rules of communication. This often causes problems for people with autism. People with Asperger's also find this an issue. However, as they have an average to high IQ, they can learn more about rules of communication than people with autism. They often do not understand the rules, but they can adapt (much) better than people with autism, so it is easier for them to make friends.

Furthermore, people with this syndrome, just like people with autism, find it difficult to be flexible. They like to stick to the rules and don't know what to do if they change. Unlike people with autism, people with Asperger's can learn to become more flexible because they have an average to high IQ. For example, they find it easier to understand why a class starts 2 minutes late than people with autism do.

Asperger syndrome: triggering factors

Despite all the effort they put into adapting to rules, and learning to be more flexibile, people with this syndrome often have a hard time. This can sometimes cause stress. If there are deviations from rules or if they have been introduced to new people, many people with Asperger's experience stress. This stress makes it so that their symptoms get worse or that they do not know what to do with themselves and therefore get angry.

Asperger syndrome: treatment

'' has developed an online self-help program, which people with Asperger syndrome can use to help them with dealing with stress, and help them improve their communication skills. Furthermore, they can decide themselves when they follow the program, and do not need to speak with anyone, which sometimes can be hard for people with Asperger syndrome.

Asperger syndrome: do the stress test!

To see to what extent your stress can worsen your symptoms, you can always fill out the free stress test. You get your personal scores immediately afterwards!