You read more and more about it in newspapers and hear more about it via the radio constantly. Or maybe you have experienced it yourself: finding work for teachers becomes increasingly difficult. You are allowed to temporarily replace someone or end up in an interim job, but finding a permanent job is very difficult as a teacher. What can you do to improve your chances? Do you maybe need another diploma or course? All of this can be very stressful. This article describes possible roads which teachers can take and what they can do to reduce their stress.

Temporary work for teachers: advantages and disadvantages?

Unfortunately, it is not only teachers who suffer from unemployment or only finding temporary jobs. Mainly in the social sector it is difficult to find a stable job. It is therefore so that many youths, of whom many have higher education, are unable to find a job or do work below their degree. But what can you do to improve your chances of finding a stable job? And what if you are offered a job which is below your degree? Should you take this then? The advantage of taking this job is that you have an income and that you are working. For many employers it namely does not look good on a CV if you have ben at home for some time. But at the other hand, employes start to doubt your abilities with your diploma when you have worked in a different sector for a long time. In short: finding work is difficult already in itself, but considering the pros and cons of a job below your degree can also be very difficult. Altogether, a lot of stress can be caused.

Temporary work for teachers: the help

We cannot help you to find a job, but we can help you to prepare for a job or to help in making choices when looking for work. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps you in reducing your stress and which helps you to discover your power sources and your wishes. If you experience less stress and have a clearer view of what it is that you want, then your decision and your search can also become a lot clearer for you.

Temporary work for teachers: take the stress test!

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