On the internet it is not easy to find a correct diagnosis depression, because a lot of information is incorrect. Many sites contradict each other even though they do both seem to be medically correct. So where should you start? 15 Minutes 4 Me was developed by doctors and psychologists to provide people with an easy way to inform themselves on depression, stress, anxiety, and burnout. It is namely not always easy to take the step toward getting help. That is why 15 Minutes 4 Me an its self-help program want to provide an addition to current healthcare and work together to reach more people and to help them with treating their diagnosis depression.

Diagnosis depression? When do I have a diagnosis depression?

To diagnose depression in Belgium and the Netherlands, the DSM is generally handled by psychiatrists and psychologists. The DSM is nowadays in its 5th edition and is used worldwide to diagnose mental illnesses. Below you will find several signs which indicate a depression:

  • Feeling down
  • Not having fun anymore
  • Weight changes
  • Often being sleepy
  • Feeling weak or agitated
  • Lack of energy
  • You feel worthless
  • You often feel guilty
  • Difficulties concentrating

Diagnosis depression? May I diagnose myself?

No. Despite your knowledge and insight regarding these symptoms, you may not diagnose yourself. The only one who can confirm a diagnosis depression is a psychiatrist. But if you may not diagnose yourself, then what do you do with this insight on a diagnosis depression? Even though you cannot diagnose yourself, the knowledge about the symptoms of depression does help you in selecting treatment and evaluating your happiness in life. Many modern therapies even assume that a diagnosis is not needed to work on yourself.

Diagnosis depression? Treatment of a diagnosis depression?

Several treatments namely are based on the idea that there is a secret in the things which bring you happiness and contentment. Together with you, they discover your strengths and possibilities and how you can use these to deal with the negative situations or elements in your life. 15 Minutes 4 Me was developed by doctors and psychologists and has the goal of helping you to develop your own capacities and strengths. At the hand of therapeutic techniques, it looks for what you can do to deal with your symptoms and how you can realize your goals.

Diagnosis depression? Take the free depression test!

15 Minutes 4 Me contains a free depression test which will tell you within 5 minutes what the influence of depression symptoms on your life is and how they affect you. The depression test does not offer a diagnosis, but it does offer insight in how you once again can find your happiness.