Do you lately feel fatigued and are you looking for the causes of a feeling of fatigue? The causes of a feeling of fatigue can often tell you what you are nervous about and therefore what can bring you down. From that perspective, finding out what causes your fatigue is a useful part of the treatment of your feeling of fatigue. In this article we will sum up causes of a feeling of fatigue and help you pick treatment against a feeling of fatigue. Furthermore, you will find a test at the end of this article, with which you can test your feeling of fatigue.

Causes of a feeling of fatigue?

A feeling of fatigue can have different causes. in general, there are certain causes of a feeling of fatigue which we all experience to some extent, or which can be the cause of your fatigue. Examples are stressful situations at work, moving, a baby being on its way, fighting with your partner,.... Think for yourself and see what can make it so that you have a hard time focusing for several days. This same thing is something you can do for your fatigued feeling right now. Is there anything which can really bring you of balance? Whether you know the cause of your feeling of fatigue or not, you can deal with your fatigued feeling. It is useful to know the cause, so you learn something about yourself, but if you cannot find the cause, this is not a problem. There are namely several types of therapy which have proven to be useful even if the cause of the problems is not identified.

Causes of a feeling of fatigue? Treatment of a feeling of fatigue.

'' developed an online self-help program which can help you to deal with your fatigued feeling and prevent it from getting worse. A fatigued feeling namely does not disappear on its own and should be treated. You can now do this from your home, in just fifteen minutes per day. The program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, which is an effective treatment for a feeling of fatigue, according to research.

Causes of a feeling of fatigue? Do the stress test!

Do you want to know to what extent your feeling of fatigue influences your life, or if anything more serious is at play? Then do the free stress test here!