The human desire

I agree that it is not possible to calculate the 'human desire', but it would be unethical to just sit still at this thought without taking up our moral responsibility to keep looking for ways in which to improve science so that people can be medically helped in healing from their stress related issues.

Psychological test

We namely know that being unable to fulfill your human desires leads to distress, and this distress is something which can to some extent be measured with psychological tests, or with hormone levels found in the blood, and then we have not even considered the modern brain imagine techniques which are being developed yet. To help science to move forward, we should look for that which can, in a relevant way, be made measurable, to we can measure which interventions (including psychotherapy, as well as self-help, medication, or even meditation) work, and which do not, and for which target groups of patients this is the case. So we cannot measure the desires, but we can measure the damage (stress response) which is caused by not fulfilling these desires. And this indicator can help us to help people find their way in order to once again learn to realize their immeasurable, qualitative, human desires. Do you agree with me when looking at it from this perspective? I fully support the statement that fake and non-authentic help should not be able to take any space in the psychological and medical science. Indeed, it is unfortunate that, on a regular basis, patients (instead of professionals) claim to sell their personal solution as therapy on the internet. Luckily, I have noticed that modern humans start looking for authenticity more and more often, and I am confident that time will divide the fake from the real help.

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Paul Koeck, MD