Fatigue seems to occur more often during certain periods than it does during others. For example, more people suffer from fatigue during winter as compared to during summer. The seasons, however, are not the only indication of when people generally suffer more from fatigue. There namely are many different causes of fatigue. Many of these causes can be found in many people who suffer from fatigue.

Therefore, it can be interesting to know the cause of your fatigue and to understand it, to then look for a solution. We would, however, like to mention that knowing the causes of fatigue can be useful, but that it is not necessary in order to take eventual steps in treating your fatigue.

Fatigue? What are possible causes of fatigue?

Fatigue can come in many different forms. It can also have different causes. One of the main causes is stress. Stress namely makes it so that our body finds it difficult to calm down, thus being frequently linked to trouble sleeping. It might be so that you spend your evening worrying in bed about what you are expected to do on the following day. Next to the earlier mentioned seasonal factor, stress can therefore also be a cause of periods of fatigue.

Another factor, which can be considered one of the causes of fatigue, is depression. Despite people having a tendency to stay in bed a lot during a depression, this does not mean that they actually find rest. Here, too, your brain is often exhausted from worrying and you are in bed only because of hopelessness rather than because you can truly rest.

Fatigue? How do you treat causes of fatigue?

15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program, developed by doctors and psychologists, which guides you from home every day in treating and reducing symptoms of fatigue. Because of therapeutic techniques, the program teaches you to find more insight into the mechanisms behind fatigue, and teaches you healthy habits which you can build up so that you can treat fatigue symptoms and causes of fatigue more effectively.

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