Depression is a nasty medical illness which can be treated. That is why it is important to get the depression diagnosis early on. A full medical diagnosis can only be set by a doctor. However, you can estimate what is going on online via the internet, with the help of our free online self-test for depression.

Depression can be treated

If you have a positive score on depression, your doctor can help you to confirm the diagnosis and see if you have a biological depression or rather a stress-bound depression. The biological depression is also sometimes called an endogenous depression, or vital depression. This is best treated by a combination of antidepressants and online self-help or other types of psychotherapy. The psychological depression, also called the reactive depression, often does not require any medication, and oftentimes, following the online self-help program is enough. The online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me will deliver a report every week, which you can give to your doctor to discuss it with him or her. This way, they can follow you up and advise you, while you help yourself by following the program.

Online self-test for depression

Take the free online depression test for depression here.

Paul Koeck, MD