What is it?

A personalized online self-help program, developed by an international team of doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists,, based on a mixture of existing and scientifically proven successful therapies.

How does it work?

On the site you can take a free self-test, where your levels of anxiety, stress, and depression are determined. You get to see your results right away and then get to see a clip about how the site works, after which you can decide for yourself if this is something that would work for you or not. Then you can sign up online, and the therapy gets started right away. Daily, you are invited by mail to do fifteen minutes of online self-reflection. This happens with the help of videos, solution focused questions, exercises, and tasks. Every week you receive an evolution report and you are recommended to discuss this with your doctor in order to determine whether or not the therapy is working and if extra therapy would be desired. The advantage is that you can follow the program at any time of the day without having to sign up for a meeting. You are only asked to spend fifteen minuter on the program every day, because this increases chances of succeeding. The possibility to ask a friend or family member to support you in the therapy also exists.

How long does it take?

The program works with one month modules. Generally, sufficient results are gained after one month. There also is the option to add another month every time, for those who want to treat their issues more thoroughly, for example in case someone has a long-term chronic depression. Other reasons could be to prevent relapse or to learn new skills such as time management.

For whom?

First aid for anyone who is looking for a solution for stress, burnout, depression, anxieties, or hyperventilation but thinks that the step toward conversational therapy is too large to take, has too little time, needs daily support, or wants something to supplement other therapies. Self-help can possibly be an optimal choice for treating an issue whether or not this is then done in combination with other types of therapy.

What does it cost?

€55 per month. Info and free self-test: www.15minutes4me.com

Answer by 'Dora' who followed 15 Minutes 4 Me 4 years ago.

“I started the therapy after not feeling good about myself. I had a responsible job at an airport, but was not feeling contentment. I got frustrated, mad, very sensitive, and even a little depressed. My son was 11 years old at the time and not too happy, either. His mother got angry even about the smallest things in life. When I found '15Minutes4Me.com'!... What did I have to lose? Nothing!!! And nobody actually knew that I was looking for help. My little secret, my fifteen minutes. I took the free test and I was shocked at the results. With nothing to lose I continued, followed the advice given, did the daily self-reflection, and did the exercises. I noticed that my feelings had started to change. The exercises made it so that I even fell asleep because of being rested, by body was tired out by bad energy. Okay, dedication was the key! After some time I was finally rested and I noticed that the daily self-reflection was starting to chance my view of life, myself, my friendships, my relations, and my job. Now, 4 years later: my life has changed! My new job as regional manager is busy but challenging. I never dared to dream that I would reach this professional level: The daily self-reflection has changed my life! I respond differently to people and to situations which has led me to go on to a higher level of leadership. I had never expected to reach this! I still do the exercises and the daily self-reflection, and before important meetings I take a little time for myself... Do my thing, my fifteen minutes! I am now a happy mother, happy with the job which I have... An my son, too, has learned to live with 15 Minutes 4 Me. He also uses the exercises when he has to take exams, or when he has a tough time due to puberty. Simply wonderful. Living without stress! I would say that you should just do it. There is not even any age limit, because my son and I have been doing this for about 4 years now. Rest, positivity, power, contentment, but especially being happy. What is more important than that?" GoedGevoel-over-MijnKwartier-2015 Download & read the Dutch article (PDF): Burnout treated differently with 15 Minutes 4 Me