Depression can have many different causes. An example is pressure at work. A cause which maybe is less easily thought of, is genetics. Genetics can cause a depression to develop. Genetics means that there are certain genes which make it so that there is a larger chance of depression. These genes are inherited from our parents. A depression gene can be inherited from one or even both parents. Below, we will explain how this genetic predisposition for depression develops and how it can be treated.

Genetic predisposition for depression - development

Our genes are a mixture of the genes of our parents. Research shows that certain genes create a larger chance of developing depression. People with these genes have a chance of up to 50% higher than people without these genes to develop a depression. A genetic predisposition for depression cannot be changed. In 'the making of', our parents randomly pass on their genes to their children. It can thus be so that you inherit a depression gene, while your sibling does not.
Despite the information above, there is no reason to panic. To speak of a depression, there needs to be an interaction between genetics and environment. This means that, even if you have the depression gene, it is not certain that you will develop a depression. Other factors also have an influence. To develop a depression, your environment also needs to play its part. This means that there might be traumatic happenings and different ways for you to interpret these. It is namely your subjective interpretation which can lead to a depression. For example, if you were to have a long-lasting fight with your mother. It may be so that you distance yourself from this and find a way to deal with it. On the other hand, you might think of this fight so often, that it starts to influence your entire life.

Genetic predisposition for depression: treatment

Even when a genetic predisposition for depression is at play, treatment might be difficult. As these people have a predisposition making it easier for them to develop a depression, the chance is larger that they will actually do so. Furthermore, a first depression increases chances of a second depression. Our mind namely is left with some scares.
There are different ways to treat these people. Firstly, the situational factors need to be limited as much as possible. As mentioned before, genetics and the environment need to work together for a depression to occur. As we cannot change genetics, we need to instead focus on trying to eliminate environmental factors. Secondly, we can help people to accept the depression. If they look at depression in a different light, its influence on their daily lives will not be as large. is a self-help program which can be followed online. This self-help program was developed by doctors and helps with depression, stress, and burnout. You will get solution focused questions and videos on a daily basis so you can work on yourself for 15 minutes. offers an easily entered form of help. This can be used as a treatment on its own, or as a complement to therapy. This online self-help program has shown to be effective in research. Participants are namely 40% happier after 3 weeks!

Do you not know if you are depressed? developed a free online depression test, which will show you your scores right away. The test consists of some twenty questions.