Depression can have different causes. Its development can have something to do with the season, be bound to one's environment, and even genes can be at play. This makes it so that depression can be very diverse. Some people say that two different depressions cannot be compared to each other. This is not only because there are different causes, but also because of differences in symptoms. Because you suffer from a depression does not automatically mean that you necessarily have to experience all symptoms, or that you have the same symptoms as someone else, for example.

That is why it is interesting to get a deeper understanding of your symptoms, and of what your treating options are. It has namely been proven that some types of depression are more effectively treated with certain types of professional intervention than others.

Depression? Symptoms of depression!

First and foremost, depression is characterized by an overwhelming feeling of somberness. You are less active, you cry more often,... Furthermore, feelings of guilt or even feelings of shame are often connected to a depression. You can, for example, be very nervous during social interactions and feel very guilty about what you said afterwards, despite there being no reason for you to feel this way. This can also make it so that you isolate yourself. You are less likely to initiate interaction, and many people with depression prefer staying at home by themselves.

Depression? Treatment for depression!

Depression can be treated in many different ways. For example, medication as an intervention is possible, but so is therapeutic intervention. The latter mainly has the goal of supporting the reduction of symptoms of depression, and provides a personalized treatment based on the leading of a healthier life.

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program with the goals mentioned above in order to help people with a mild depression in the comfort of their own home, by supporting them in dealing with their depression symptoms.

Depression? Take the test!

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