Fatigue? Exhausted? Does your fatigue not go away? Recent research has shown that many Belgians suffer from fatigue. Fatigue can express itself at the hand of different symptoms. The most prominent symptom of fatigue is of course the constant fatigue, which has an influence on the way you function as well as on your mood. People with fatigue tend to experience concentration problems in many cases, for example, as well as mood swings with crying fits. If fatigue refuses to go away, this can have severe consequences. Not everyone with fatigue notices the same symptoms or the same consequences. However, if you feel like the fatigue affects your daily functioning, it is useful to actively look for support/help to work on your fatigue.To test to what extent your fatigue has consequences on your daily functioning, you can take the free self-test by 15 Minutes 4 Me here at any time!

Fatigue treatment: how do I treat fatigue?

If your fatigue lasts for a long time and you notice that your mood worsens because of it or that you have issues with concentration, it is useful to actively start looking for help. This type of fatigue namely is more difficult to treat than that fatigue which automatically goes away after a good night's sleep. Chronic fatigue often occurs in stressful periods. That is why it is crucial to work on the psychological aspect of fatigue. You can eventually consult a doctor at first and use medication in order to treat the most chronic symptoms of fatigue. At the same time, however, it is useful to also work on your stress level and to prepare yourself for the period after the medication, which has shown to be a difficult time for people who suffer from chronic fatigue. 15 Minutes 4 Me can help you with this by:

  1. Treating chronic symptoms of fatigue in order to break out of the vicious cycle of fatigue
  2. Reducing your psychological vulnerability and preparing your for eventual future fatigue.

Fatigue: the test!

Would you like to test to what extent fatigue has an influence on your life and your functioning? Then take the free self-test here!