Stress comes in all sizes and forms. Your stress may be work-related, for example, or you may be stressed about a wedding you need to plan. Stress is not always a bad thing. Sometimes it can give you that extra bit of motivation and get things done faster. On the other hand, you may encounter people who have blacked out because their stress level was very high.

So stress can be both healthy and unhealthy. So it is useful, if you have stress, to find out what it does to you on a daily basis. Does your stress help you perform better? Or does the stress just act as an inhibitor? Can you sleep worse because of it? Do you often ruminate about things you still have to do?

If you answered "yes" to the last questions, chances are you are suffering from unhealthy stress. This type of stress can have a paralyzing effect and will just cause you to take longer to complete certain tasks. Other factors can also have an influence on this stress. For example, perfectionism can cause your stress level to rise very high and block you. Furthermore, other habits such as poor exercise, unhealthy eating,... can be linked to an increase in your stress level.

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If you are suffering from unhealthy stress, it is useful to look for an outlet or a way to deal with this stress. If your stresss persist for a long time and have significant influences on your daily functioning, it is helpful to seek professional help. is an online self-help program that guides you daily from home in reducing stress and helps you build healthy habits to be more resistant to stress.

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