It is as simple as this: when you are depressed, you no longer want to get out of bed. Do you think that you yourself might be depressed? Or might someone close to you have a depression? It is not easy to know when you are depressed, is it? Oftentimes, depression is associated with being sad or going through a rough patch. Especially in adolescents it seems almost normal to be depressed and to isolate yourself, or so people thing.

Depression: the taboo!

Apparently we are not allowed to say that we are depressed, because that is weird. Depression is easily seen as something which will just simply pass. But what if it does not just pass? Should I then still listen to the people who tell me that it is just a phase? I really do not know anymore... If you have a depression, it is very difficult to know what you should do exactly. Almost everyone has people around them who minimize a depression or, because of the taboo, do not really know what to do. Furthermore, you often have the feeling that the depression is some type of habit, or that you do not deserve anything else, because you are not worth anything anyway.

Depression: why you can take the step toward the solution!

The previous paragraphs described the difficulties which are likely to go through your head every day. However, the more you learn about depression, the more you will understand that you do have a choice. The causes and the environment of someone with a depression differ from person to person. What is the same every time, however, is that everyone deserves a solution for depression! By looking up information regarding depression, you have already taken an important step. Do not stop here, you can do it! There are different solutions for depression. For some, it can be too big of a step to contact a psychologist. For that person there now is the online self-help program. This program brings psychological help home to you. At the hand of the program, you work on your depression on a daily basis and you once again get to know yourself! Would you like to know what symptoms of depression you might experience? Then take the free depression test here and learn more about your symptoms and possible solutions!