Depression has lately become more and more visible. You hear about it more often and it seems like more people are suffering from depressed symptoms. In this, the following remark is often made: 'Is depression treatment without medication possible?'. As psychology is a young discipline, there are many different opinions about whether or not depression treatment without medication is possible. In this article we describe the advantages and disadvantages of depression treatment without medication and in which types of depression medication is useful and in which types it is not.

Depression treatment without medication? The advantages!

If you want to treat your depression without medication, then that it possible. There are many alternatives for treating your depression without the help of any medication. With this we mainly think of psychotherapy. This is an intense type of therapy which helps you to restructure your thoughts and to find your happiness in life again. If you choose this type of therapy, you will notice that you will start feeling and experiencing more and more, the further along you get in your therapy. Depression namely numbs us and thereby our emotions seem to disappear. If you only make use of therapy in depression treatment without medication, you will thus notice that you are finding your happiness in life again, step by step.

Depression treatment without medication? The disadvantages!

If you think about depression treatment without medication, it can be so that in some cases your depression does not completely disappear. Some people do not really know how to get started with treatment, either, before their mind has been rested. This is where medication comes in. Medication like antidepressants can make it so that your mind is at rest during your treatment, even if the usefulness of the treatment has not yet kicked in. This will help you to sleep better, to build up your immune system again, and to let your brain get some rest. Also, studies have shown that people who use a combination of psychotherapy and medication in order to treat depression have faster results than the people who opt for only psychotherapy.

Depression treatment without medication? Who can do it and who cannot?

In psychology there is a general rule that people without genetic types of depression or a major depression can treat their depression perfectly without medication. Depression treatment without medication thus is mainly for people who:

  • Have a depression for the first time.
  • Have a minor depression.
  • For whom the depression did not come after other mental illnesses.

Most people comply with the criteria listed above.

Depression treatment without medication? Possible types of treatment without medication!

As mentioned before in the article, psychotherapy is a good type of treatment for depression. Especially cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown in research to be one of the most efficient types of therapy. Except for following a therapy with a psychologist, there nowadays also are other options when it comes to therapy. The online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me was inspired by therapeutic techniques in order to develop an online program which helps people with dealing with depression. You can follow the program for fifteen minutes every and implement the techniques you learn right away.

Depression treatment without medication? Take the depression test!

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