On the internet you will find many sources which can tell you what burnout is. What most sites do not mention, however, is that it is not always enough in order to diagnose a burnout. On many sites you find a black-or-white explanation of what a burnout is exactly. To help you on your journey to a diagnosis burnout, we list the following points of attention:

1. Burnout and depression are very similar to each other

Now that you are thinking about burnout, it can also be so that you do not have burnout but rather a starting depression. Generally the symptoms of a depression are deeper and more difficult to treat than those of burnout. In burnout the feeling that you are exhausted is what generally is felt most, whereas a depression is defined by a somber mood. You can thus think for yourself what came first for you or which feeling is most evident in your situation.

2. How do you treat burnout?

Many sites tell you what burnout is exactly or give you the criteria of burnout, but after that there often is not much more you can do via the internet. In most cases you then start looking for a solution, which is something which is not taken up by many websites. What exactly is useful in the treatment of burnout? The most effective treatment that exists is dealing with your current habits, which have caused your burnout. If you are very much of a perfectionist, for example, then it is useful to deal with this behavior. If you are someone who can never say 'no' when people ask you for help and if this has caused the burnout, then it might be useful to work on your assertiveness. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most well-known and scientifically fundamental therapy types which has proven its effectiveness in the treatment of burnout. So, if you are looking for thorough treatment, you can deal with your negative habits at the hand of a cognitive program.

15 Minutes 4 Me and burnout?

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program, based on cognitive behavioral therapy in order to help you to change your old habits and creating new, positive, supportive habits, so that your chances of having another burnout in the future decrease!

Burnout? Take the burnout test!

To estimate to what extent the symptoms of burnout are present in you, you can take the free online burnout test.