Have you been diagnosed with depression or are you still looking for depression symptoms? Then you are welcome here to plan your next step: depression treatment. Depression treatment can be at the hand of different techniques and by asking from help from different types of people. This article lists the possible types of treatment of depression and, at the end of the article, gives you the chance to take a depression test. This test will help y ou to choose the right treatment for your depression.

Depression treatment? At the hand of antidepressants?

Some people ask a psychiatrist for help in depression treatment. A psychiatrist is the only person who is allowed to prescribe medication. This medication will help you to treat your depression symptoms and to thereby slowly but surely restore rest to your mind and body. This type of depression treatment is optimal for major depressions or depressions of which the cause is genetic.

Depression treatment? At the hand of therapy?

Except for a psychiatrist, you can also ask a psychologist for help in depression treatment. This type of depression treatment looks for the cause of the depression and that which is linked to the depression. Cognitive behavioral therapy, for example, has the goal to challenge thoughts which are linked to the depression, to thereby reduce the depression symptoms bit by bit.

Depression treatment? Online self-help?

Online self-therapy has already shown itself to be effective in the treatment of depression. For example, research has shown that the online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me helps you to become 40% happier after just one month. This type of therapy can be followed from wherever and whenever you want to. For some people it poses an easier step toward help, because you do not need to talk to anybody. The program helps you at the hand of videos and questions, inspired by therapeutic techniques.

Depression treatment? Take the free depression test!

Would you like to know to what extent you experience symptoms of depression? Then take the free online depression test here and find out to what extent you suffer from depression.