Burnout is in the news more and more often. Especially now that every employer is immediately required to work on burnout prevention. While burnout is becoming something which is discussed more openly, many people still do not really know what burnout entails exactly and how one can recognize it. If you can recognize burnout in both yourself and others, it might be so that you are able to prevent it from getting worse! That is why you should definitely read this article, which will let you know how you can recognize and treat burnout.

Treatment of burnout symptoms: symptoms and recognition of burnout.

In the pre-stage of burnout, when we are not quite speaking of a burnout yet, you will see the symptoms of burnout appearing, in a less severe way than they would in an actual burnout. If you are then diagnosed with burnout, the symptoms will have gotten worse since then. You can thus recognize burnout at the hand of the symptoms. If you have a burnout, you are often mentally used up. You feel like you cannot do a single extra thing and you tend to express this in a more snappy way than you usually would. Because you experience an 'overload' of tasks, you get angry or frustrated more easily when someone gives you yet another task on top of your current ones. Even the tasks which you already have will not go the way they usually did. You will notice that you have issues with focusing and that you also often are stressed. This can make it so that you forget to do things, which in turn will lead to even more stress and frustrations. People with burnout are often also much sadder than they used to be and no longer have the feeling that they are rested. If you notice that someone, during an extended period of time, starts doing their tasks without seeming to have some sort of plan, or if the person does no longer do their tasks as efficiently as they used to, snaps more, is sadder, and does not seem to be focused, it might be so that the start of a burnout is close by.

Treatment of burnout symptoms: treatment of burnout

15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which helps you in the treatment of your burnout and the creation of new habits so that burnout has a smaller chance of returning in the future. You can thus treat your burnout yourself and make sure that you once again can enjoy life.

Treatment of burnout symptoms: take the burnout test!

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