Manic depression is a type of depression which is very common. In this type of depression, depressed episodes are combined with the exact opposite: manic episodes. In this type of depression, the ups and downs are easy to recognize. When one is in a depressed episodes, the people around you will experience this as a normal depression. From one moment to the next, this can change into a manic episode. A manic episode is an episode in which the person is unbelievably happy or ecstatic.

Manic depression: symptoms

A manic depression is a major type of depression. It not only includes the depressed components, but people with a manic depression are also unpredictable. Suddenly, they can end up in a manic phase. In this phase they can suddenly be really happy, with a lot of joy in life, or they can become very irritable. Often, people in a manic episode can also make impulsive decisions, such as moving to a country far away, spending a lot of money,... In short, the world lies at their feet and nobody can stop them from conquering it. There is no certainty about how long these episodes last. From one day to the next it can change back to a depressed episode, with a somber mood, crying fits, hopeless feelings, worrying thoughts,... as consequences.

Manic depression treatment

A manic depression is a type of depression which is a little more difficult to treat. A manic depression namely often includes a genetic component. Because of this genetic component it will take more time to treat a manic depression and there also is a larger chance of relapse, which means that more attention needs to be paid to relapse prevention. The unpredictability of the episodes often makes it difficult for the people around the person to respond in an adequate way to the different episodes.

Manic depression and 15 Minutes 4 Me

15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which was developed against stress, depression, and anxiety. It can therefore serve as support for treatment by a psychotherapist or work as prevention from relapse. The program namely gives you daily exercises and questions which can help you to discover what your sources of power are and how you can do more of that which helps to treat your depression.

Manic depression: the test

15 Minutes 4 Me offers a free depression test, which can measure the extent to which depression is present in you. After filling out the test, you will get the results integrally.