What is fatigue? How is fatigue developed? Why do you suffer from fatigue? Fatigue seems to affect us all at some point. It creeps into our lives and can often be present for a long time before it disappears. During a fatigue period you notice that you are different from usual, but what exactly is different in your person, mood, functioning? It is often difficult to put a finger on these changes.

Step 1: fatigue test! Test your fatigue!

A useful first step to understanding your fatigue is the testing of your fatigue. A fatigue test can namely tell you to what extent it affects your functioning as well as your mood. Thanks to this test you thus get a better overview as to what is going on with you and how it affects you. Would you like to take a fatigue test? Then you can do so for free on this website! Take the free fatigue test today and find out how fatigue affects your life. The test takes about 5 minutes and tells you immediately after what your results are. You also get an explanation of your results by Paul Koeck, MD.

Step 2: fatigue test! Choose the suitable treatment for your fatigue!

Now that you know to what extent you suffer from fatigue, a useful next step is choosing a suitable treatment. Is your fatigue in an early stage? Then you have a bigger change that it will disappear with time. However, it is useful to change some habits. Why? The fact that you suffer from fatigue means that there are some factors in your life which have led to this fatigue. Furthermore, this means that you have dealt with these factors in such a way that the fatigue has been developed or that it has remained present. To avoid fatigue in the future, it can therefore be useful to learn more about fatigue and how it can be prevented in your specific personal case. Is you fatigue advanced already? Then it is definitely good to find a support which guides you in the treatment of your fatigue and which also works with you on fatigue prevention in the future. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which guides you daily from home in reducing fatigue and the treatment of fatigue symptoms. The program also gives you more insight in your capacities and how you can use these in reaching your goals and happiness! Recent studies have shown that after 3 weeks, participants of 15 Minutes 4 Me experience on average 70% less stress, which is a main factor in fatigue.