Manic depression seems to become more and more common in our society.  Manic depression is a combination of symptoms of depression and symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder, which is shown in the manic episodes. To differentiate between depression and manic depression we will, first of all, describe the differences between the two. This is namely very important for treatment. Then, we will list the different possible treatments, which have been shown by research to be most effective in the treatment of manic depression. A manic depression treatment depends on the causes of the depression, too. At the end of the article, make sure to remember to take the free depression test. This test will tell you to what extent you experience depression symptoms and what influence they have on your life.

Manic depression treatment? Differences with depression?

As in a depression, the depressed period of a manic depression mainly consists of a somber feeling. You are constantly worrying, are very negative about the future and prefer not to do anything at all during the day. Your hobbies and contacts will also suffer a lot from your depressed symptoms. If you want to treat a depressed episode, this can therefore be done at the hand of the same therapy in both depression and manic depression treatment. For the manic episodes, however, the manic depression treatment is different from a normal depression treatment. A manic episode is namely characterized by opposite symptoms when compared to a depression. This therefore requires a different plan of action. The combination of manic episodes and depressed episodes requires a different treatment than a normal depression does.

Manic depression treatment? Medication?

Medication is often used in manic depression treatment because the cause of a manic depression is often genetic. Furthermore, you do no just get rid of a manic depression. This often requires the help of medication. In many cases, medication is used in manic depression treatment in order to neutralize the symptoms and create an equilibrium.

Manic depression treatment? Therapy?

Therapy is effective in manic depression treatment. It supports the medication and tries to once again give life an equilibrium. Therapy also supports the medication in neutralizing the symptoms. Therapy is something you can follow with a psychologist, psychotherapist, or eventually at the hand of an online self-help program, to help you. This program helps you to support your goals on a daily basis and to thereby keep making progress.

Manic depression treatment? Take the free depression test!

To know to what extent you experience depression symptoms and what influence they have on your life, you can take the free depression test here.