Performance anxiety is becoming more and more common in media and we also start hearing more about it all around us. Often it concerns students, when we speak of performance anxiety. They have performance anxiety when it comes to exams, tests, projects,... It often also occurs that they procrastinate, for example starting their project on the day before the deadline. Under other circumstances it is also possible for performance anxiety to occur. For example, at work. If someone has to present a project, this person may suffer from performance anxiety. This article sums up some symptoms of performance anxiety, how they can be treated and what types of performance anxiety training are available.

Performance anxiety training: symptoms of performance anxiety

Performance anxiety in itself says a lot about what it is that performance anxiety entails. Performance anxiety is the fear of failing or sometimes to be embarrassed during a test or presentation. If you have performance anxiety, you often procrastinate from the task as long as you can, because you know that even just preparing the test will bring anxiety. You are constantly thinking about all the things that could go wrong and how you could embarrass yourself. This is sometimes also called a fear of fear. This can cause anxiety symptoms on it own. For example, you could start hyperventilating when preparing for a test. The anxiety at the time of the test or presentation itself is often even more intense. You start sweating, your heart starts beating faster and your breathing becomes more shallow. This is a stress response, which is caused by the anxiety which you experience. On top of this, you will have the feeling that you are not in control over your body and that you are a spectator, looking at what is happening to your body. In some cases you can get a black out, start crying, or start hyperventilating during the test, the presentation,...

Performance anxiety training: treatment of performance anxiety

If you want to deal with your performance anxiety and follow performance anxiety training, you can do so at the hand of our online self-help program. The program helps you to reduce your performance anxiety and to deal with it so that the symptoms of performance anxiety occur less often, too.

Performance anxiety training: take the anxiety test

If you want to know to what extent you experience anxiety and if performance anxiety training is useful for you, you can fill out the online free anxiety test!