During my studies, I noticed that it sometimes is difficult to find a job as a beginner in some sectors. A report on this was recently published. It namely is so that 20 percent of the adolescents work below their degree, of which 1 out of 4 has a diploma in higher education. Especially in the teaching sector or in the social sector it can sometimes be difficult to find work. And if you then hear that it is best to apply for a job which does not have to do with your diploma? What should you do then? Looking for work can cause stress for many people. There namely are pros and cons which should be considered when you are looking for work. Read more in this article about the stress in the search for work, and how you can deal with this!

Unemployed? Stress in looking for a job

You know how it is, looking at pros and cons, especially after being offered a job which has nothing to do with your degree, or a job which is below your degree. 'If I accept it, it will be difficult to find work in the sector which I want to work in after a while, because I will be absent from it for some time.' 'At the other hand I will have a job, because unemployment looks bad on a CV.' In short, which decision should you make here? This decision can namely have a large influence on your career. It is all very stressful and sometimes it can be so that this stress causes you to lose track of what you are aiming for, and you not making the decision which you actually personally wanted to make.

Unemployed? Help in taking your decision!

Because stress can have such and influence on looking for a job, there are options when it comes to reducing your stress, and to furthermore discover what it is that you want. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program, which helps you to reduce stress, but also helps you to find and develop your own strength sources!

Unemployed and stress? Take the stress test!

Would you like to know to what extent stress can influence your choice, or if you experience stress because you are looking for work? Then take the free stress test here!