Diabetes is a chronic illness for which there currently is no solution. There are some treatments which can help to control and/or reduce the symptoms of diabetes, however.

Diabetes is an illness where sugar is not properly taken up by the body. This has the consequence that the sugar level in the blood becomes too high. This can be caused by different factors. One of these is the pancreas, which is responsible for the production of insulin, and fails to produce enough insulin. This has the consequence of too much sugar being present in the blood to be processed.

There are different types of diabetes, which each differs from the other types of diabetes. The most well-known types of diabetes are:

  • Type 1
  • Type 2
  • Diabetes during pregnancy

Except for these types of diabetes, there also are some less well-known types of diabetes. THese each manifest in a special way and require a specific approach. The different types of diabetes are explained in a more detailed way in the article diabetes Here you can find symptoms, manifestations, and characteristics per type.

The vicious cycle of diabetes?

Diabetes is characterized by some factors, which can add to the symptoms of diabetes. For example, an unhealthy lifestyle and excess weight are risk factors of diabetes. Being overweight can mainly cause the development of type 2 diabetes.

There also are some consequences to diabetes, which also can worsen the symptoms of diabetes. An example of this is stress. Stress frequently occurs if you suffer from a chronic disease. In its turn, stress can cause increased vascular problems, which in turn can lead to more pain, increased vulnerability, and even less mobility. Stress also makes it so that you start to eat more, increasing the risk of becoming overweight. Being overweight in turn increases chances of triggering symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes treatment?

In treatment for diabetes it is useful to consider the vicious cycle above, together with the medical treatment for diabetes. A holistic treatment for diabetes is based on 3 main factors:

  1. Taking medication which reduces sugar. Medical follow-ups of the disease are also recommended.
  2. Having a healthy lifestyle. This regards eating habits as well as sports and addictions, such as smoking. Smoking has a harmful effect on one's health.
  3. Reducing risk factors which can keep the symptoms of diabetes active.

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Diabetes test?

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