Fatigue? Do you think you might be fatigued? It is not always easy to recognize the symptoms of fatigue. Especially at the start they quietly enter your life, being difficult to notice. It often is only after a long time, when the symptoms start to become more severe and accumulate, that you notice that you have not been yourself for quite some time.

Fatigue? What are the symptoms of fatigue?

As mentioned above, the symptoms of fatigue tend to slip into your life. Oftentimes it starts with sleeping poorly a few nights in a row, or forgetting to complete a task. They never are severe things, but they tend to be elements which are not part of your habits. For example, you might have forgotten to buy groceries, be easily annoyed, forget your keys, and so on. After some time, these symptoms might adopt a more severe form. This includes, for example, issues focusing, memory problems, and even mood swings. People who have suffered from fatigue for some time, are often irritated without knowing why and become emotional more easily. Furthermore it tends to become difficult to focus, because you demand too much from your brain. This also combines with a lack of sleep, which most likely has been going on for some time already. Fatigue can even make it easier for other mental problems to manifest, such as depression. Because the bodily or mental capacity no longer is as strong due to the fatigue, feelings of worthlessness might develop, which after some time can develop into a serious problem. Another example of a consequence of long-term fatigue is burnout. It can be so that people who suffer from fatigue ask too much of themselves, which leads to them being burnt out after some time.

Fatigue? A treatment for fatigue!

If you feel like you have suffered from the symptoms of fatigue for a little while, it might be so that the symptoms of fatigue disappear once the stressful period finishes. However, it if never a bad thing to ensure that you find a way to actively treat your fatigue symptoms. Especially if these symptoms have been present for an extended period of time, chances are slim that they will just disappear on their own. 15 Minutes 4 Me is an online self-help program which was developed by doctors and psychologists, to daily guide you in the treatment of your fatigue symptoms. At the hand of therapeutic techniques, it works together with you to treat your symptoms, while also reducing your vulnerability, so that you can prevent fatigue from developing!

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