We often wonder how emotions develop. You often do not know why they are there and why we feel them. You just feel them. The happy and positive emotions are the ones we want to keep, but the negative emotions are ones we would rather be without. In this article we try to explain why we have negative emotions. If these negative emotions dominate for a long period of time, we might consider a depression to be at play. That is why we shortly sum up the causes of depression.

Negative feelings

In the case of depression, there is some sort of overload of these negative emotions. We experience suffering in our daily lives. Depression can namely be in the way of daily activities. We no longer play with our kids, we no longer go to cafes, we find it difficult to memorize texts for presentations,... These are all symptoms of depression. After a period, these symptoms can become very annoying. If we can understand how our emotions can develop, we can use this information to also look for a solution. That is why knowledge regarding the causes of depression is important. We have the causes of depression summed up in three main categories: mental, physical, and hereditary causes.

Mental causes of depression

Depression is often caused by a long-term overload of the brain and the immune system. We will thus fall ill more easily and be less able to remember things, for example. In most cases, this overload comes from pressure at work, financial, or familial pressure. This pressure is larger than the power to deal with it. This power helps to reduce the influence of depression. However, if the amount to bear is too large, the depression will still advance. Not only the objective pressure plays a part in the development of depression. The subjective power of a person will also decide if you will or will not suffer from a depression. Depression is a psychological disorder and its influence can be different on everyone. It is thus not so that we should consider our load to bear as a load which everyone finds logical. It is all about the issues which you have with it.

Physical causes of depression

Furthermore, biological factors can play a role in the development of depression. Certain medication, hormonal changes after pregnancy, a lack of sunlight or a lack of certain vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D or Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) can cause a depression. The one increases risks of a depression more than the other does. Here we should note that it often is a combination of biological and situational factors which will lead to the development of a depression. Even if someone is vulnerable or under pressure, the environment might support the person or instead pull them down into a depression.

Hereditary causes of depression

In some types of depression, heredity is a main cause. Heredity means that we have gotten certain genes from our parents. Depression can thus also be inherited. These people should take psychopharamaceuticals, such as antidepressants and Lithium, and learn to deal differently with triggering factors. This last thing is something they can do at the hand of therapy or an online self-help program.

15 Minutes 4 Me

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Are you depressed?

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