Do you feel fatigued?

The last few years - especially after the breakout of the economic crisis - the amount of people coming to doctors complaining of fatigue has increased. This means they feel burnt out and exhausted. Societal insecurity increases, heightening stress, which in turn exhausts the nervous system, causing more and more people to be overworked and fatigued. They feel tired and exhausted. They feel empty or irritable.

What is burnout or fatigue?

By pressuring your nervous system for years, your adrenal glands produce an overdosis of cortisol, which is not a problem short-term, but if this continues for a longer period of time, it causes an overstimulation and exhaustion of the nervous system. Your nerves then become fatigued and you feel tired, exhausted, and irritable. You are fatigued or, using another turn, have a burnout.

Therapy for fatigued people

There are many good types of psychotherapy which teach you how to deal with the stress which lies at the basis of your fatigued feeling or burnout. Behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, cognitive therapy, mindfulness, yoga, and even hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis can be useful. The problem with these many forms of therapy is that it can be difficult to pick a therapy type which suits you, and that you sometimes have to deal with long waiting lists after finding a therapist you like. Online self-help program as therapy for a fatigued feeling The online self-help program '' is a good alternative when you are fatigued. During development, the best techniques from the aforementioned therapy forms were used and put together into one self-help program via the internet. The advantage is that you can enjoy the positive elements from all the different types of therapy. Also, you escape the waiting lists. You can sign up and start within minutes. As soon as your payment has been activated via PayPal, you received an e-mail with your log-in and password, so you can get started. Most people feel much better already before they would have even made their first appointment within the traditional therapy circuit. The average stress reduction with this type of online self-help is 77% after the first month.

Self-test: How can you test online if you are fatigued?

To know if you are fatigued, you can easily test yourself by doing the online stress test. This shows you how you are doing in several simple visual graphs. Test if you are fatigued with this online self-test.