Fatigue around the Christmas season seems to be frequent. You have to rush to find all the Christmas presents together, to get everything in order for the new year,.... In short, the Christmas period can be a very busy time. Therefore, this period can also be linked to fatigue symptoms.

In the article below, we first describe fatigue symptoms in order to better recognize fatigue around the Christmas period. Then we talk about treating or addressing these symptoms and at the end of the article you will find a link to a free test, which can measure the impact of fatigue on your daily life.

Fatigue around the Christmas season? How do you recognize the symptoms?

As mentioned earlier, the Christmas period can be a very busy time, when there is a lot to be arranged. Nevertheless, we notice many individual differences in the way people deal with this busyness. Are you someone who often lies in bed thinking about what to do the next day or do you often run from here to there to get everything done? Then several fatigue symptoms may apply to you. As the above examples imply, people with fatigue suffer from sleep problems and often notice a preoccupation with certain topics, such as tasks that still need to be completed. In addition, fatigue can be accompanied by crying spells, mood swings and increased stress levels.

Fatigue around the Christmas season? How do you reduce your fatigue?

My Quarter is an online self-help program that guides you daily in addressing and reducing your fatigue symptoms. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused techniques, the program helps you recognize your fatigue symptoms, identify healthy habits and thus incorporate more happiness into your life.

Fatigue around the Christmas season? Take the test!

Think you suffer from fatigue symptoms? Then take the free test from 15Minutes4Me.com here. It takes about 5 minutes to complete and, once completed, immediately connects you to the results page. On this page you will also find more tips on how to treat and reduce fatigue symptoms.