Burnout is very present in our modern society. It is a psychological disorder with exhaustion as its main characteristics. The causes of burnout are not singular. There namely are several factors at play in burnout. Here we consider work pressure, stress, but even personality. Your personality can help decide whether or not you will develop a burnout. In this article we will mainly talk about your behavior/vision when it comes to a difficult, stressful situation. From your personality, you namely respond differently to stressful situations. We will see which reactions can lead to burnout. Behavior namely falls under the causes of burnout.

Causes of burnout: does my work decide my self-esteem?

Work is an important part of our modern society. So important, that it even goes beyond being a financial part of our life. Our work namely partially decides over our self-esteem. It has a large influence on our social status. Jobs which are highly appreciated in our society, will therefore have a higher social status. An example is your general practitioner. When you see them in a grocery store, you think about the fact that they are a doctor, and that is the way you know them. Work is often something we cannot break away from our own persona. In the way in which work has a positive influence on our self-esteem and social status, it can also be bad for our self-esteem. Below, we give an example of causes of burnout at the hand o personality.

Causes of burnout: do I identify with my job?

Some find that their work has such a large impact, that they identify themselves with their job. With this we mean that some people partially decide their self-image at the hand of their work. They identify the job with themselves. The border between work and persona becomes blurred. This can be good when everything goes well at work, but when failure is at play, it is a different story. For example, when your company misses a large opportunity, this will be something which affects you personally. This is one of the most important causes of burnout. People can believe that the failure of their company is their personal failure. It does not need to be their failure, for example that you did very poorly at a presentation. It can also be the general success of the company. Because you no longer differentiate between your persona and your work, you will be overwhelmed by the pressure and the stress of the company.

Causes of burnout and their treatment: 15 Minutes 4 Me

15 Minutes 4 Me focuses on the learning of new insights, which clearly differentiate between work and persona again. It is an online self-help program, which you can participate in from home. You work on yourself on a daily basis at the hand of videos and solution focused questions. While it is a small step to take, its effectiveness has already been proven. Research has shown that stress in participant decreases with up o 77% after following the program for one month.

How do I know that I have a burnout?

15 Minutes 4 Me has developed a free burnout test online especially for you which determines your level of burnout at the hand of three scales. After filling out the short list of questions, you will get your scores right away. On this page you can also find an interpretation of these scores!