Do you feel like you are exhausted? Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of fatigue? Then it may be helpful to read the article below.

Everyone has a down day from time to time, where he or she feels like they have to drag themselves through the day. If this feeling persists over a long period of time, you may be suffering from fatigue. Even during a shorter period, fatigue can occur in high levels. Fatigue often begins with a feeling of stress, which builds up to chronic exhaustion with one or more side symptoms. For example, fatigue can lead to changes in your mood pattern. You are more gloomy, cry more often, are more irritable,....

Fatigue symptoms?

Fatigue is often characterized by sleep problems. These sleep problems are often linked to difficulty falling asleep, but even waking up during the night. This causes you to get less sleep, plus the quality of your sleep deteriorates. After all, we need deep phases of sleep to recover. If you wake up often or sleep less, you will therefore get into a deep sleep less frequently.

In addition, fatigue often goes hand in hand with stress. This can manifest itself in various ways. You can have work stress, fear that everything will not be finished in time, stress about home tasks, stress about events, .... There is no single type of stress that can cause fatigue. In combination with the deterioration of your sleep pattern, this can have several physical and mental consequences.

Tackling fatigue? A treatment for fatigue?

Do you think you fit the above description? Then it may be that you suffer from fatigue? Should this persist over a long period of time or produce strong effects over a shorter period of time, it is useful to seek professional help. is an online self-help program that guides you daily in addressing symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, burnout and fatigue. It teaches you to gain more insight today and offers you daily support from home in reducing your symptoms.

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