Do you suffer from an anxiety disorder and are you looking for more information about this? Or are you wondering sometimes why you got an anxiety disorder? What is the cause of anxiety? Anxiety can have many different causes. There also are many different factors which can make it so that anxiety leads to an anxiety disorder. Read more here about the causes of anxiety and what can make anxiety persist. Furthermore, we also describe possible types of treatment and you can take a free anxiety test in order to check your level of anxiety.

Anxiety? Causes of anxiety?

As mentioned in the introduction, anxiety can have many different causes and there can be many factors which can make the anxiety persist. The cause and what makes the anxiety persist do not have to be the same thing. Often occurring causes of anxiety are traumas, an inadequate coping style in case of an anxious situation, or learned anxiety. What does this mean? A trauma is a major even which has influenced you a lot in a negative way. This could be a divorce, alcohol issues, a rape, a robbery,... What many people think is that trauma is the same for every person. This is not so. It can be so that one person experiences a certain situation more intensely than another, and therefore does develop an anxiety disorder while another person may not. An inadequate coping style means that you have a poor way of dealing with negative, anxious emotions. Sometimes it can therefore be so that a situation which causes you anxiety leads to an anxiety disorder. Learned helplessness means that you have learned to be afraid of something since you were young. For example, you might have constantly head that you should be scared of going outside, because nobody is to be trusted there. Chances that you will carry this thought with you later in life are large.

Anxiety? How do I deal with my causes of anxiety?

15 Minutes 4 me developed an online self-help program which helps you in dealing with your anxiety disorder by working on the mechanisms of anxiety and dealing with those. You will learn how to deal with your anxiety in such a way that it no longer has such a large and negative influence on your life.

Anxiety? Take the anxiety test!

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