Now that the days become shorter and it gets colder outside, more people suffer from fatigue. Beyond the occasional cold which affects us, you also have to think of your biorhythm: days become shorter, but that does not mean that you necessarily have less to do when you get home. In many cases we hurry home, because it starts to get dark out and the evening already almost seems to be over.

Fatigue? What are causes fatigue?

Shorter days make it so that you experience stress or even depression symptoms. Beyond more pressure to finish tasks and household chores in time so that you can get to bed early, you receive less vitamin D from the sun, which can make it so that you feel somber.

Since the days become shorter, it might also be so that it becomes harder to fall asleep. You worry, you feel stress, you are tense,... which causes you to wake up feeling fatigued. This can create a type of vicious cycle, where you are fatigued during the day, yet without being able to fall asleep at night.

Causes fatigue are thus not always far away. It is useful to keep an eye on these causes fatigue so that you can quickly respond when you notice that you are under severe stress or even seem to suffer from depression symptoms.

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