Sex is a much-discussed subject in our modern-day society. Many men, but also women, look for ways to increase their libido. Because it is more openly talked about, possible solutions are also discussed more openly. In magazines you will often see indications of the amount of times couples usually do it in a week's time. This is often more than in your own relationship. Then people sometimes start looking for ways to increase their libido. Openly speaking of sex alone does not lead to more open discussion about ways to increase your libido. In many relationships it is not abnormal that there is a type of sexual imbalance between partners during certain periods. It can be so that men are more in the mood than their partners but it can also be the other way around. If this stays this way for some time, it can cause frustrations or fights in the relationship. Men and women experience sex differently and therefore use different bodily processes to get in the mood.

Libido: the difference between men and women

In general, men follow more bodily stimulation, while women are more dependent on the way they feel. Women often need to feel good mentally in order to get in the mood. Women are more in need of an emotional bond and the feeling that their partner supports them. Even happenings during a day can make it so that a woman does or does not get in the mood. If they have just had a fight with someone, this is more likely to have an effect on a woman as compared to a man.

Libido: what is normal?

There are many different opinions on what is normal and how many times per week we ought to have sex. But at the end of the day it is more important tha you and your partner feel good in the situation you are in. The number which is ideal is one which makes you both feel good.

Libido: what if you want to increase your libido?

There are different types of therapy which you can follow if you want to increase your libido. An option is online self-help therapy. '' is an online program which was originally developed to work against stress, depression, and anxiety, but it also has modules regarding communication and libido. These modules can be used to increase the communication and intimacy between your and your partner.

Libido: free self-test

'' offers a free test which looks at to what extent depression, anxiety, and stress influence you. It shows you what you can work on in order to increase your libido.