Do you sometimes worry that you will fail before starting when it comes to large tests or projects you need to carry out? You doubt whether you will be able to make it? But do you then notice that you still get high grades, yet that the anxiety persists? Then we can help you, by giving you tips and describing the symptoms of performance anxiety Performance anxiety is the fear of failing, like the word performance anxiety already indicates. Performance anxiety tips can be found anywhere, but do you need performance anxiety tips which worked for you personally? Then this is the place to look.

Performance anxiety tips: symptoms of performance anxiety

So to get started you feel anxiety when you have to take a test, take an exam, or hand in a project. But performance anxiety goes much further than that, too. WHen you are studying, you can sometimes lose yourself in the thought that you will not succeed, which distracts you and causes you to be unhappy. Performance anxiety is also often unreal, because people with performance anxiety still get high marks, despite the feeling that they are going to fail. In some cases, however, performance anxiety can have a negative influence on your marks. Because your thoughts tell you that you are not good enough, some people with anxiety get a black-out during the test, start hyperventilation during the project, or just skip the test overall in fear of failing. There thus are different responses to performance anxiety, which can range from studying way too much to procrastinating or just skipping the studying in general.

Performance anxiety tips: a testimony of performance anxiety

C.: “For me, performance anxiety started when I was in the 5th year of high school. In the 5th year of highschool I got the idea that education is important for the future. I then suddenly realized what I had to lose. The fear was not present in small tests, but rather in exams. What I experienced when studying for my exams was that I was very stressed because I could not memorize everything right away. Even when my friends helped me by asking me all the questions, I could just not get the information to stick. After having learned everything I needed to know, I still got the feeling that I did not know anything and I started to get an hysteric fit. My friend remained very calm, which helped, but yet I kept experiencing anxiety. What helped me a little was to take a short nap, in order to go over the information again after an hour and to repeat difficult parts. I would always get up one or two hours early in order to read through everything once more. I always tried to focus on my breathing, yet I was unable to control it. Because of my performance anxiety I even experienced a few burnouts, but am unsure as of how to handle those. The final thing I want to say is: performance anxiety is something which should be taken seriously, but despite my anxiety I still got good grades,"

Performance anxiety tips: treatment

To treat your performance anxiety, you can follow the online program by 15 Minutes 4 Me. The program offers performance anxiety tips and helps you to discover how to deal with your personal performance anxiety. It will help you to reduce your performance anxiety from home and help create habits, too, so that you will experience less performance anxiety in the future.

Performance anxiety: take the anxiety test

Would you like to know to what extent performance anxiety might be present in you or to what extent you experience anxiety? Then take the online free anxiety test here!