Migraine is very common in modern society. It can have different causes, such as nutrition, lack of sleep, monthly cycle,.... Migraine can thus be different for everybody. Some people get a migraine when they eat bananas or chocolate, others when they do not get enough sleep,.... Could there even be a link between stress and migraine? Yes, and this link will be explained further below.

Do I get migraine from stress?

Like migraine can be triggered by the causes above, migraine can also be triggered by stress. In periods where one is more stressed, it can often happen that one experiences migraines more often. This means that stress is a triggering factor for migraine, just like the causes above. When one experiences stress, the systems which are associated with migraine are under more pressure, meaning the chance of getting a migraine is increased. That is why it is useful for people, who experience migraine triggered by stress, to find ways to reduce this stress.

Do I get migraine from a lack of sleep?

A lack of sleep is also a triggering factor for migraine. Our immune system is not optimal in this situation, meaning our body starts the day while not having rested properly. This can, among other things, cause migraine. Stress is related to this, too. If you experience stress, you will sleep less well as a result. You either cannot fall asleep, or you do not sleep as deeply. You can namely experience a lot of worrying thoughts when you are stressed, and these are difficult to stop. This, too, influences migraine. The lack of sleep means your body is more vulnerable to migraine.

How can '15Minutes4Me.com' help me?

'15Minutes4Me.com' is an online self-help program which specializes in stress, burnout, depression, and anxiety. '15Minutes4Me.com' offers daily videos and solution focused questions which help you to reduce stress. Also, you receive exercises, such as anti-worrying exercises. When stress decreases, your migraine experiences can decrease with it. This way, dealing with psychological problems can help you to become stronger physically.

How to I measure my level of stress?

'15Minutes4Me.com' offers a free stress test, with which you can measure to what extent you experience stress. After filling out the test, you will receive your personal scores immediately!