When you read the title, you might think: 'Can anxiety be healthy?'. Anxiety can definitely be healthy, but unfortunately we hardly ever run into healthy anxiety anymore. Most people not have unhealthy types of anxiety which can lead to an anxiety disorder. If you have an anxiety it is useful to look into the mechanisms of the anxiety, such as the development of anxiety, what anxiety is and how to treat anxiety. This article will describe what anxiety entails and how it can lead to an anxiety disorder. Furthermore, you will find an anxiety test which you can take later on in this article, in order to check what your levels anxiety are.

Anxiety? Healthy or unhealthy anxiety?

Maybe it is useful to, before going in deeper about what unhealthy and healthy anxiety is, check for yourself what it is that makes you afraid. Then you can check later on whether your example classifies as healthy or unhealthy anxiety. Healthy anxiety is anxiety which helps us move forward. It means that, when you are in a life threatening or dangerous situation, your body will respond much more quickly because of your anxiety. Anxiety will namely prepare your body to stand perfectly still, which is a good thing in some cases, or to run away really quickly. Unhealthy anxiety does not help us on the other hand. The opposite actually happens, it is in our way. Unhealthy anxiety has the same symptoms as healthy anxiety, except that we are not confronted with a life threatening situation at the time in which we experience anxiety. It is indeed so that some situations can influence your life a lot and that means that you may be nervous of course, but in some cases people are extremely anxious or nervous, which can lead to an anxiety disorder. You will notice that your anxiety builds up when you are confronted with a certain situation, and that you start to fear the fear itself after a while. This means that you end up becoming scared of getting the symptoms of anxiety.

Anxiety? What can I do about it?

Anxiety does not fix itself in most cases and therefore requires a plan of action. 15 Minutes 4 Me developed an online self-help program which guides you in the treatment of your stress and anxiety, so that you no longer let your life be dominated by your anxiety.

Anxiety? Take the anxiety test!

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