Loyal readers of this blog know that I am hard at work on stress prevention. This requires an integral approach both for the individual and in the professional context. I am regularly asked to speak on this topic because of my expertise. On September 17, the "National Stress Prevention Day" will take place. With "15Minutes4Me.com", Coachteam has also become content partner of the "National Stress Prevention Day" on September 17 in Ghent and will open the day. Hence, I draw attention to this initiative in this post.

During this day conference on stress prevention, 6 speakers with practical experience in a professional context and 2 company cases will be discussed. Topics are: benefits and approach of sustainable health policy at work with case, individual versus context, stress monitoring, nutrition and exercise in the professional context. At noon we will have a lunch break and there will be an opportunity to network with colleagues.

For more information and tickets, visit http://centrumvoorstressmanagement.be/portfolio/nationale-stresspreventiedag-nspd15-17092015/. There are only 190 seats so it's for the quick deciders. Those who decide before Aug. 27 can reserve tickets at an extra discount. If you want to be there, see us at work, network and learn more about the topic, this is the ideal opportunity. Feel free to also forward the link to colleagues or friends who would also like to experience this day. In the afternoon we will all go for a lunch walk. If you can't be there, please feel free to follow us on this same channel. See you in Ghent with de-stressing regards,

Dr. Paul Koeck

PS: Want to test in advance whether you suffer from stress yourself? Then do our free stress test beforehand!