Depression is becoming more and more commonly discussed. You often hear about it and it seems like more people suffer from depression than in the past. What is often asked here is: 'Is depression treatment without medication possible?'. Psychology is a young discipline. That means there are many different opinions about whether or not depression treatment without medication is possible. In this article we describe the advantages and disadvantages of depression treatment without medication and in which types of depression medication is useful and in which types it is not.

Depression treatment without medication? The advantages!

There is definitely a possibility of depression treatment without medication. There are alternative forms of treatment for treating your depression without the help of any medication. With this, we think of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is an intense type of therapy, which helps you to challenge your thoughts and to once again find your happiness. If you choose this type of therapy, you will notice that your feelings and emotions slowly but surely become stronger as you continue your therapy. Depression namely makes it so that both our positive feelings and our negative feelings are less strong. If you only use psychotherapy in depression treatment without medication, you will notice that you can step by step find your happiness again.

Depression treatment without medication? The disadvantages!

If you think about depression treatment without medication, it can sometimes be so that your depression is not fully treated and therefore not is fully dealt with. Some people do not know how to motivate themselves to start a treatment, either. Their mind is often stuck in overdrive. Here medication can be useful. Medication like antidepressants can make it so that your mind is at peace again, meaning your brain gets to rest for a while. This will help with issues sleeping, with improving your immune system, and with simply resting  your brain. Furthermore, studies show that people who combine medication and psychotherapy reach their results more quickly than people who opt for a therapy treatment only.

Depression treatment without medication? Who is able to and who is not?

The health sector uses a general rule where people with genetic forms of depression or major depressions are helped by the use of medication. Depression treatment without medication is therefore mostly suitable for the following people:

  • People who experience a depression for the first time.
  • People with a minor form of depression.
  • People whose depression is their first mental illness.

Most people comply with these criteria and can therefore have depression treatment without medication.

Depression treatment without medication? Possible treatment types!

Psychotherapy is a good type of treatment for depression. Research has shown that mainly cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of therapy which books good results. Except for following therapy in the classic sense, there are other ways to follow therapy. The online self-help program by 15 Minutes 4 Me was inspired by therapeutic techniques to help people in the treatment of depression. You can follow the program for fifteen minutes each day and use the techniques you learn right away.

Depression treatment without medication? Take the depression test!

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